Day With My Horse is about Art of Your Horse!

April, 28, 2013 • by 0 Comments

If you’d like to explore getting Art of Your Horse, please click on PRICING in menu above. If you’d like to see equine art that’s available for purchase, please click on ART PRINT STORE above. And if you’d like to know the motivation behind why I photograph horses, click on ABOUT. After that…just explore, enjoy […]

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Rancho Laguna’s Heart Equine Rescue

December, 08, 2012 • by 0 Comments

It’s hard to stop rescuing horses when your first attempt, at 14, was such a huge success. Read the story on Art of Equus of a woman who puts her life where her heart is…

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Detail Wall Cluster

January, 13, 2012 • by 2 Comments

If you’re trying to create some art for your wall and can’t narrow down your choices, try a cluster! Expressions or details you love can work together to create a large cluster of nine 10×10 or 12×12 images or a smaller cluster of just three or four images. Then be sure to enhance the setting […]

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A horse can dream, can’t she?

September, 30, 2011 • by 0 Comments

Rosey’s Dream starts with a click on the first of the thumbnails shown…

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Canvas or framed?

August, 04, 2011 • by 0 Comments

Let’s say you’ve just chosen your favorite image of your little darling but you can’t decide whether to create a canvas wrap with it or frame it. Here’s an example of each: I love dimension and depth. The canvas wrap provides a compelling 3-D feel, while metallic paper as the print surface offers a much […]

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StoryBook Example

August, 03, 2011 • by 0 Comments

The story of a bond and relationship between a horse and his (or her) human. The story of Alex & Echo’s day together looks like this (view down left side, then down the right, to get the story of their day in the right sequence):

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Before & After

August, 03, 2011 • by 0 Comments

When we’re walking around shooting candid shots, rather than setting up poses at ideal locations, we might end up with something in the background that’s not doing the image any favors, or we might need a little more image area where none exists for matting and framing purposes. Depending on the shot, I can often […]

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StoryVideo Example

August, 03, 2011 • by 0 Comments

Kriste’s Thoroughbred mare, Sky, has quite the personality. It was fun to see the relationship between them unfold as they got into their day together. Sky’s not big on being saddled but I think she puts up with it because she knows it’s one step closer to her dream of running faster than a speeding […]

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Remembering Aimsley

August, 02, 2011 • by 0 Comments

Aimsley was all black and all personality. On a winter day I brought a new lens to the barn to test out, and he happened to be in the arena, playing with his “little brother” Cytacious. Aimsley had just been shaved and glistened with his new gray coat. I clicked away, just to quickly see […]

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A Little Thank You Video

August, 02, 2011 • by 0 Comments

Thank you to some of the beautiful people and horses I get to photograph! (refresh your browser if video doesn’t show below right away)

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